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Lavender Unisex Sweatshirt: Weirdos Unite Design - UHS#39

Lavender Unisex Sweatshirt: Weirdos Unite Design - UHS#39

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Gather your tribe with our Lavender Unisex Sweatshirt adorned with the "Weirdos Unite" design. The soothing lavender shade sets a relaxed, cheerful backdrop for a design that's all about celebrating uniqueness. This sweatshirt is a warm invitation for anyone who's a little offbeat or unconventional to show off their true colors. Cozy and expressive, it's just right for casual outings or comfy days in, making a statement that weird is wonderful.

Product Color: Lavender

Product Details:

  1. Material: The sweatshirt is made of 100% cotton, ensuring it is soft, breathable, and highly durable.
  2. GSM: It has a high-quality 300 GSM (Grams per Square Meter) fabric, indicating a thick, warm, and comfortable wear suitable for colder weather.
  3. Super Combed: The cotton in the sweatshirt has been super combed, a process that removes impurities and short fibers, resulting in a smoother, stronger, and better quality fabric.
  4. Pre Shrunk: This sweatshirt has been pre-shrunk to maintain its shape and size even after multiple washes, ensuring consistent fitting over time.
  5. Bio Washed: The bio-washing process gives the sweatshirt a soft feel and enhanced fabric appearance, contributing to overall comfort and aesthetic.
  6. Derby Ribbed Hem & Cuff: The sweatshirt features Derby Ribbed Hem and Cuffs, offering a stylish detail and snug fit around the wrists and waist, keeping the cold out and warmth in.
  7. Unisex Regular Fit: This sweatshirt is designed as a unisex item with a regular fit, making it an ideal choice for anyone, irrespective of gender, seeking a classic, comfortable fit.
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